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10 February 2009 @ 05:37 pm

Well, at the moment, the worst ever bushfires in Australian history are burning through my state.
The death toll stands at 173 and is rising starply daily. At least 750 homes have been destroyed and theres more than 3000 people homeless.
One fire is at least 100km long and will take weeks to put out.
Entire towns have been demolished and there are still towns that the CFA (the firefighters down here) can't even get into.
Marysville, one of the unlucky towns, was burnt out that quickly that the entire town has been named a crime scene. There are still charred bodies in the street.
There are DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) specialists combining here in Victoria from all over Australia to help identify bodies. Some of these could take months to identify.
Over 3000 CFA volunteers are working around the clock to help put out the fire and help the Police and Forensic Investigators to find bodies among the rubble of buildings.

This fire started only an hour from where I live and luckily (for my town and the rest of western Victoria) the wind is going in the opposite direction.

My dad's a CFA volunteer, and left fifteen minutes ago to go help out. He won't be back for two days at least.
This is one of those times where my pride and admiration for my father and of his bravery and courage reach out of just father-daughter bonds.
He's one of those people our nation calls heroes; and he's my dad.

26 January 2009 @ 09:24 pm
i'm really not sure if many other countries have bush fires.
but here in australia they're a massive part of our summer.
on thursday, there was a MASSIVE 300-hectare fire 2km outside my town.
its the scariest thing in the world when you come home and your town is full of smoke.

hopefully i'll join the cfa (the local fire-fighting organisation) when i'm finished school.

we even made it to a national newspaper!


big uh oh..
02 January 2009 @ 09:07 pm
for my 16th birthday, I had an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. I'm not worlds greatest photographer, but hopefully you can see how beautiful it was. My mum is an incredible decorator and cook :) For anyone wondering, I dressed as the Queen of Hearts.

more photos ♥Collapse )

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07 December 2008 @ 09:48 pm
i havent posted in a while... hmm.. :S

i write songs. i sing songs. i play piano and guitar, and i love words.
i wrote this song about a year and a half ago :)
i thought i'd share what i do when i'm offline ;)


If I could tell you my secrets, where would I start?
Because I’m not hearing your voice, it’s breaking my heart.

If you could tell me anything, what would it be?
Would you open up your heart and pour it all out to me?
When you open your mouth, what would you say?
What happened to us, to end up this way?

Sometimes I don’t feel like me anymore,
On the inside I’m fighting a war
Between my heart and all my other feelings
Will someone just tell me where it ends?

If you could spend one last day with me
Would it still be the same you that I’d see
I wish I could tell you, I cannot lie
I miss all those memories that have now gone by

Sometimes I don’t feel like me anymore,
On the inside I’m fighting a war
Between my heart and all my other feelings
Will someone just tell me where it ends?

If you could remember how it was with me..
would it still be her that you'd be...?

Sometimes I don’t feel like me anymore,
On the inside I’m fighting a war
Between my heart and all my other feelings
Will someone just tell me where it ends?
Where it ends..?
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10 October 2008 @ 08:51 pm
i haven't disappeared... i actually spent the second week of school holidays in thailand, and school's back, so getting into the swing of things doesn't permit time to come online =)
but i thought i'd post a few pictures of thailand. i stayed in bangok for two nights, and phuket for five (i think)..
the beaches weren't as great as photos showed in phuket, it wasn't until we went on a boat cruise that we saw the real thing. with my brother and sisters (i'm the oldest of 6.. i have a little brother, and four little sisters! :) ) we jumped off the top of a double storey yacht, went canoeing in bat infested caves, swam in beaches - so warm you could've added bubble bath and the only difference was how salty it was :) - and there were SO many islands.. little mini ones. they're all beautiful =)
i bought like 8 bottles of nailpolish, cos they had good stuff for really cheap, and i didnt really do that much shopping, by the time we realised bangok was cheaper - we were in phuket.
but it was beautiful, and i had an amazing time. :)

photos here ♥Collapse )
19 September 2008 @ 10:10 pm
got really bored, and found some WAY cute pictures on Veer.com and thought i'd icon them..
nothing that special about them, just thought they were some nice images =)

samples :

if it can be broken, then it can be fixedCollapse )
16 September 2008 @ 08:04 pm
i went to ski camp last week. it was the first time i've ever been to the real snow, so i was extremely excited.. i managed to go down intermediate runs well in only two days, and have escaped with only about seven bruises ( four of which are now green, but hey, who doesnt love some battle scars? ;) )..  it was definately an interesting camp. five whole days, two six hour bus rides, lots and lots of snow/cold weather and 160 year ten students is a whole new experience for most.
i managed to accidently tattoo myself.. nothing major, but interesting nonetheless... i had a cut on my finger and had also taken blue food dye so i could make blue snow. the dye leaked and went into the cut and ALAS! blue line on jessie's thumb ;)

i didnt really get any photos, which i'm a bit disappointed about, but if i pay for myself, mum said we might do a "just you and me" week up there next year, mum's never been to the snow before. and hopefully it'll be a long enough time for me to save up for a good camera too.
a friend of mine managed to pick up a $1, 200 Nikon camera second hand (but in brilliant nic) for only $500, so i'm hoping with his help, i'll be able to pick up a similar deal =)

i have too much maths homework to do at the moment, and i really am finding just about EVERY way to get out of it..

on sunday, i caught up with a good friend, lloyd, i havent seen in about seven months (he's also a ex, but we only broke up due to distance). and all was going along dandy until his girlfriend and my cousin (his girlfriend's best friend ironically) decided to invite themselves along.
it was interesting to say the least, and i only ended up really talking to him for about the ten minutes that she wasnt there for. oh well... it happens..
the worst bit is, he just got diagnosed with cancer again (he's completing radiotherapy for it now, he's had cancer seven times prior to this time AND he's only 16)
and because of his girlfriend, i feel completely helpless.     why cant some girls just accept that their boyfriend can have female friends too... eugh.

now, to stop before i rant for years... onto the maths homework.. =)
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02 September 2008 @ 08:42 pm
i keep going to write stuff, but either forget, or start then scrap halfway through..
but i figured, if i'm procrastinating, and putting off homework, i may-as-well do it well eh!

running around like a kid in a lolly shop i have as i explore lj properly and i've been inspired by a number of blogs.. to create a book/movie list! i see or hear so many books and movies talked about in communities and stuff and just never get around to remembering them XD
and i'll 'constantly update' eh ;)

to the moon and back..Collapse )

i really should find my camera, or save up for a good one at least.. and take lots of photos.

it snowed last friday ♥
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14 August 2008 @ 10:31 pm

typed up a whole post.. then decided i have nothing in particular to say.

i can relate so well to these lyrics at the moment, and thought i would share.
this song is very dear to me. hope you like it.


UNSURE by Delta Goodrem

I'm not sure if who I am is who I want to be
I'm not sure if I'm afraid or don't like what I see
Looking back I thought these things made sense to me before
All I know right now is I'm unsure

I'm not sure why black and white always fades to gray
I'm not sure why love is here and then it goes away
I think that I have all I need and then I still want more
All I know right now is I'm unsure

How can I trust again when my heart won't give in?
How can I? Where do I begin?

I'm not sure what happens now or why dreams disappear
I'm not sure why letting go is still my greatest fear
I don't have the answes to these questions anymore
All I know right now is I'm unsure

How can I trust again when my heart won't give in?
How can I? Where do I begin?

All I know right now
All I know right now
All I know right now is I'm unsure


A youtube link, I don't have the song at this house! Shall post up a link next time i'm at dad's eh! =)

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03 August 2008 @ 08:10 am

daisy chains and starry nights...Collapse )

^ my favourite ever set of images. no clue who the photographer is, or who the model is. i don't know if there's more images, or bigger versions. but i think they're absolutely gorgeous. =)
posted specially for ellepistolet

thinking of starting the photoshop again. i havent for a long long time. gosh. back when "dollz" were cool XD dont you LOVE going through all your old my documents files =P

went and saw wicked last sunday. my god. it's absolutely BRILLIANT! thinking of going again, might take some girlfriends, or maybe just adam. who knows. it just adds this WHOLE new twist on The Wizard of Oz. i've come to love the wicked witch, and think that glinda is just a blonde bimbo. hehe...

eugh, sometimes ballet is such a pain. in the last few weeks... maybe a month or two, i've managed to pull my hip flexer, my groin muscles and NOW a tendon on my foot that goes up my shin.. lovely.
talked to my contemporary teacher though. she's HEAPS rad. she's about 23 or something, and has already spent like 5 years at the New Zealand Ballet school... don't know the official name of it, but it's the national one. and yea, she told me about it and i figured that it's cos i like to think that i've started yoga... and did stuff wrong. big whoopsies on my behalf. BUT dancing on it thinking that it was gonna go away quick killed it. YAY! for being called limpy =)

another present for anyone that reads this eh. last year, i went through this mammoth as, make everything myself phase. so ALAS! jessie made her own font... of her handwriting...
my writing's changed heaps since then. but yea, so if anyone wants it!

fairytales and make believe...Collapse )

last but not least before i have to rush off, have a shower and race to adam's house for his mother's birthday, starting a bit of a "tradition" for myself and posting you guys a rad song!
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
i'm learning this song in singing at the moment. it's AWESOME. i'm doing it for my group performance at my major recital night for school.
that'll be fun =)

gosh this is a long one. so i'm going now hehe =)
until next time! adios amigos~!
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